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Top 10 Reasons why YOU Should Join 2018/2019 Science Olympiad Team

10 Great addition to your academic resume.
9 Improve your study skills.
8 Learn more about subjects that interest you.
7 A sense of accomplishment.
6 Build cool gadgets.
5 It’s like getting a second elective course.
4 Show California what AOM Falcons are made of.
3 Promotes teamwork and collaboration.
2 Make new friends.
1 It’s challenging and fun!!!

Science Olympiad

Registration for the 2022-2023 Season- OPEN! 


After you register here, you will receive an email to request your event(s).

If you are interested in learning about the Science Olympiad events, please click the list of events

Parent Information Night Recording // Slide Show Presentation 

Please contact Ms. Holland  ( with questions

What is Science Olympiad?

What is the Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets consisting of a series of 23 individual and team events. Students select events that interest them and meet with coaches for training once or twice a week.

Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on, group participation. Depending on the event signed up for, students can build a device, take a written test, answer questions verbally, or sometimes a combination of both.

Science Olympiad is a great extra-curricular activity. Last year, 40 Olympians learned new things, made new friends, learned to work together to accomplish their goal, received ribbons and trophies for their efforts and had a great time doing it!!! We hope that you’ll join this year’s team. 

Science Olympiad is a nationally organized competition in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering! Middle School students from around San Diego County.

For More Information about Science O:

Frequently Asked Questions about Science Olympiad
Don’t you have to be a brain-iac to be on this team?
No! Science Olympiad gives ALL students an opportunity to excel outside the classroom. All students interested in any of the topics can participate. In fact, all students can be successful in science Olympiad- all it takes is hard work and dedication, you even get a partner for each event. Science Olympiad shows students that science is fun, accessible and exciting!

How will I get prepared to compete?
Much like a sports team, the SO team prepares by practicing. You’ll meet once or twice a week with your coach(es) from October through February.

I’ve heard that this is a good thing for my Academic Resume, is that true?
Absolutely! The prestige of participating in a Science Olympiad tournament is a great addition to your college application. In addition, Science Olympiad has a terrific scholarship program, giving you another outlet for finding money for college.

What are the other benefits of Science Olympiad?
You’ll learn teamwork as you work together toward your goal, strengthen study skills, discover new aspects of science, build school spirit, and make new friends.

How do I sign up for the team?
You’ve already done the first thing- getting on our School Loop Page
Come to the registration and kickoff meeting when it is announced
(Mid September) and fill out the registration forms.

When is the Science Olympiad Competition?
TBD for the 2019-2020 School Year. 

My mom, dad, uncle, brother, etc. would be a great coach, will the team need help?
Yes! We’re looking for adults (or experienced high school students) to help coach SO events.

Questions? Please Contact
Ms. Megan Holland ex: 6131 Teacher