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8/10/21 5:51 PM
8/10/21 5:45 PM

The Parthenon in Athens. Ms. Bruno certainly loves to travel & explore our world.

Kelley Bruno

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

My name is Ms. Bruno, and I believe that every student has a purpose and tremendous potential.  I believe that every student is gifted in their own way, and every student contributes to our classroom community of scholars. As your teacher, I seek to be a facilitator, holding a safe, positive space where students can learn, grow, discover, and share ideas. It is going to be a fantastic year!

This year, the Sixth Grade Teaching Team is working diligently together to provide an academically rigorous and exceptional program that will challenge and inspire! You will have the opportunity to participate in intrinsically motivating and engaging Socratic seminars, project-based learning, collaborative learning, and insightful independent assignments. These tasks will promote and encourage critical and higher-order thinking. You will have the opportunity to showcase your understanding in multiple ways, including presentations, written assignments, essays, and projects. I know that each student is capable of extraordinary things. Therefore, I strive to create a high-challenge learning environment in which every student has the opportunity to excel. Students are expected to challenge themselves to do their personal best, and the sky is the limit! Understanding this truth, students must do their part by coming to class prepared and ready to learn. Do your best, be kind, and take responsibility for your role as an active participant in the learning process. Throughout the school year, if you should have any questions or concerns, please let me know! I am on your side and genuinely care about your achievement and success!  


Ms. Bruno is a grateful & blessed parent to three wonderful kids! 


2021/2022 Social Studies Syllabus (coming soon!)

2021/2022 English Syllabus (coming soon!)

Questions? Concerns?

Please see me during office hours. You may also send me a Google Chat or email.