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Where Everyone Belongs (WEB)

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What is WEB?

WEB is a year-long orientation and transition program that welcomes 6th-graders to middle school. Adjusting to middle school can be overwhelming for many 6th graders. From finding classes on the first day of school to mastering organizational skills to creating a healthy social life, WEB Leaders help 6th graders navigate through the unknown so that they learn what it takes to have a successful year.


WEB Leaders are trained 8th grade mentors who serve as positive role models and help guide and support the 6th graders throughout the year. The WEB Leaders are 8th grade students who are trained to provide support and guidance.

Who is WEB?

The WEB Leader:

  • Is in 8th grade

  • Builds relationships by providing useful information for overall student success

  • Supports 6th graders in character development and academics by visiting classrooms with structured lessons.

  • Connects with 6th graders outside of the classroom by participating in fun, social events

  • Stands up for what is right thereby creating a safer or positive school for 6th graders and everyone

  • Offers tutoring for 6th-graders in need of additional academic support


Ultimately, the WEB Leader creates a positive environment that lets the 6th grader know that, they, as well as other people at school care about them and their academic success!