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Meet the School Counselors


As the School Counselors, we are here to provide positive direction for students' academic, social, and emotional well being and college and career readiness. We promote personal success for all students by working collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and the community. The best way to communicate with us is via email or phone.

Ms. Holena & Ms. Beidel

Jennifer Holena School Counselor (A-Le)


Phone: (760) 331-6147


Joy Beidel School Counselor (Li-Z) 


Phone: (760) 331-6180


Nel Hazelwood Guidance Technician


Phone: (760) 331-6168           

Upcoming events

Study Skills Workshop

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Schedule Changes

Due to the complex nature of the scheduling process, special requests cannot be granted. Please see below for valid/invalid schedule change requests. Thank you for your understanding.


Examples of Valid Schedule Change Requests:

  • Missing a period

  • Scheduled for a duplicate class

  • Scheduled for the wrong grade level

Examples of Invalid Schedule Change Requests:

  • Changing a teacher

  • Changing an elective

  • Changing lunches

  • Changing to be with friends

  • Changing to have a class during a different time of day

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