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Ms. Megan Holland

8th Grade Science

 Welcome to 8th grade science! Students will become scientist and engineers as they begin experimenting while learning about forces, waves, and much more! Through a variety of hands on activities, labs, STEM based lessons, science and cross curricular projects, students will learn to think and work like a scientist. The curriculum is based on the 8th grade Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Students will walk away from this class having a deeper understanding of science, making connections to the real world, in addition to critical thinking and having fun.  Please feel free to contact me via email or voicemail. Thank you for your time, cooperation, and contribution to your child’s education. Here’s to a successful 8th grade learning experience!

Teaching Philosophy

My students to be positive citizens that are able critically think and collaborate well with others. While students are able to take the most from their educational experience and apply it to their daily lives today and in the future. 


I want my students to become critical thinkers with the skills to explore and solve problems that exist in the world around them. The world of science is full of opportunities for students to question and solve problems in innovative ways. Students should be active in their learning and able to apply content from multiple subjects. Students will have the opportunity to share, listen, and build from ideas from their peers. Respecting one another and staying open minded will help students think of solutions as a group and establish communication skills. The teachers job in the classroom is to help guide students through activities, research, and serve as a facilitator. Along the way I will be the cheerleader for my students at whatever they are faced with. Therefore, creating a supportive and engaging atmosphere for all the students in my class, and helping them become lifelong learners.  



  • Science Teacher, Calavera Hills Middle School.  2014- Present  
    • Currently teaching NGSS Integrated Science 8 and ASB
  • Science Teacher, Sierra Vista Middle School 2013-2014
  • Experience in Teaching K-12 classrooms in various content areas. 


  • Teaching Credential: Single Subject Science, Single Subject ASL, and Multiple Subject 
  • M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction
    • California State University of Northridge.  2012-2014.
  • B.A. Liberal Studies 
    • California State University of Northridge.  2008-2012.

Leadership: ​​​​​​ 

  • Department Chair/Subject Area Leader (2017-Present)
  • ASB Advisor (2018- Present) 
  • Science Olympiad Coordinator/Coach (2014-Present)
  • Science Day Coordinator (2017- Present)
  • Webmaster for AOMS (2020-2021) 

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Aviara Oaks Middle School Teacher of The Year (2020)