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Attendance Hotline:  (760) 331-6170

AOMS Attendance Policies and Procedures

Only adults listed on the student’s emergency card may pick up a student from school.

If you have a new address or phone number, please be sure to notify the Attendance Office within 5 days.


A parent or guardian’s signature is required to remove a student from school grounds.

To leave the campus at any time, a student must provide a note from home stating the time and reason for the absence.  A student must show the note to get a “permit to Leave School Grounds” from the Attendance Office.  At the appropriate time, a student with a permit may wait outside the Attendance Office to meet his/her parent.  If a parent doesn’t send a note, the parent may call in the absence request.  In this case, the parent will need to come to the Attendance Office to sign for the student’s release.


Any absence needs to be cleared within 48 hours, or it is considered a truancy for which Saturday School or detentions may be assigned.  We therefore request a telephone call to Aviara’s Attendance Hotline, 760-331-6170.  This is a 24-hour Voice Mail system.  Parents/Guardians will be asked to leave a message verifying the absence.  If the automated “Phone Master” system contacts your home regarding an absence, please stay on the line until the end and if you are the parent or guardian, you can leave a message for the Attendance Office.


Excused Absences

A District excused absence will be granted for illness, doctor/dental appointments, funerals, court appearance, or specific religious holidays. All other types of absences are unexcused. A note requesting an excused absence for a religious holiday is required at least two days in advance. (Ed Code 48205)


Upon return from an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to access the make-up work system within each class. Each teacher has a system in place and communicates this information to the students at the beginning of each school year.

•     A truancy will be issued if an absence is not cleared after three days.

•     A cut is an absence without reason. (Penalties accrue each semester.)



Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences are granted for vacation, business, and family emergency. Unexcused absences accrue and, by law, the third unexcused absence is identified as truancy. Therefore, the student may be subject to disciplinary action and taken to SARB.  Carlsbad Unified School Board Policy #5123 recommends retention for students who have more than eighteen (18) absences total.



Tardiness and Consequences

  • Students tardy to school or class without a valid excuse from his or her parent must report to the front office and will be counseled by the teacher, a counselor, or an administrator.  Parents will be contacted and other classroom-related interventions will be employed.  When those interventions are unsuccessful, office staff interventions will be exercised.  Those interventions include:
  • 1 Unexcused Tardy = Warning
  • 2 Unexcused Tardies = Warning + Parent Notification
  • 3-4 Unexcused Tardies = Warning + Parent Notification + Detention
  • 5 Unexcused Tardies = Warning + Parent Notification + Disciplinary Referral
     + Saturday School
  • 6+ Unexcused Tardies = SART or SARB Process


Violations for truancy will result in similar interventions but will be implemented at a faster rate, and may include a review by the School Attendance Review Board (SARB)