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Enrollment vs Registration

What is enrollment? What is registration?

Enrollment:  is for those students who did not attend a school in CUSD in 2017-2018.  Enrollment is necessary to be activated in the Carlsbad Unified district system before registration can occur.

Click Enrollment if the student is NOT currently attending a Carlsbad Unified School.

Registration:  On August  1, 2018, the CUSD Data Confirmation Window will open for all students enrolled in a CUSD school.  Registration is for students who have attended a Carlsbad School in 2017-2018 (Elementary or Middle School) or a newly enrolled student.  The dates to bring in your Registration paperwork for AOMS are:

6th grade August 20, 2018

7th grade August  21, 2018 and

8th grade August 22, 2018.