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Math Pathways Flow Chart

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Information on Common Core Math Sequence for Middle School

The recommended pathway according to the Common Core standards is: CC6, CC7, CC8. Students will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment near the end of each year and will be assessed on the standards in their grade level regardless of which math course they are taking. So, an 8th grade student taking CC8B/CC Algebra will only be assessed on CC8 standards, not on CC Algebra.

The new sequence of math courses for CUSD includes:

6th grade: CC6 or CC6 Advanced

7th grade: CC7 or CC7/CC8A (accelerated)

8th grade: CC8 or CC8B/CC Algebra (accelerated)


CC6 versus CC6 Advanced

  • Both CC6 and CC6 Advanced will cover CC6 standards. Neither will go into CC7 standards. The difference will be that CC6 Advanced will be more rigorous than CC6. It will include more performance-based tasks and more real-world problem solving applications. Procedural fluency skills must already be in place.

Grade Level Pathway versus Accelerated Pathways in Grades 7 & 8

  • The grade level Common Core pathway leads directly to preparedness for college and career through differentiation and greater depth of knowledge. It covers CC6, CC7, and CC8 in middle school which is directly tied to the standards on which they will be assessed each year.
  • The accelerated pathway goes in depth in more standards in less time. Students will complete the content of CC7, CC8, and High School CC Algebra 1 in grades 7 and grade 8 (3 years of math in 2 years). Therefore, the courses will move more quickly with a higher level of rigor required in the common core standards and students will be expected to keep up with the demands of an accelerated mathematics course.

California Common Core Mathematics Standards

Math Resources for Students


This site has a large list of tutorials in a variety of subjects.


math train logo

This is a site that has been developed by middle school students for middle school students. It is great to have the material presented by a peer! Check it out.


math playground.gif

This site contains several activities for practicing word problems at all levels, from addition and subtraction through algebra, geometry, and probability.  The two activities entitled "Various Concepts" offer videos the problem being worked, step-by-step, with audio explanations.  There's also an SAT prep section. 


Brightstorm logo 

This site offers over 2000 videos illustrating math concepts from algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus, as well as test-taking strategies for the PSAT.  Each topic typically consists of an introductory section, then three worked problems to illustrate the solution method.  


hooda math logo

This site offers games which require math skills.  They are categorized as arithmetic (computation), geometry, and logic and cover a wide range of skills.  Some games require extended time or return visits to the site to complete, others can be used for just a few minutes of extra practice. There is also a tutorial section, where concepts are explained while viewing a blackboard movie showing how to solve a particular type of problem (QuickTime required for viewing tutorials). These cover whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percents, order of operations, and algebraic properties.  They are most appropriate for intermediate and junior high age students.
Skills: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, money, fractions, decimals, geometry, algebra, logic and visual/perceptual puzzles


WebMath Logo

This is a great resource for any level of math problem, from counting to calculus.  Just choose the math category, put in the numbers from the problem you are attempting, and WebMath will provide a step-by-step guide of how to solve it!  
Skills: covers all levels of math through calculus