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AOMS Library

Welcome to Aviara Oaks Middle School Library! 

The library is open most days for independent study before school, during brunch & lunch, and for 30 minutes after school. Students may come to the library during the school day with a teacher's pass. 

Services in the library include but are not limited to: 

Checking out fiction and non-fiction books for research, assigned or independent reading

Independent and small, quiet group study

Printer for school work (B&W only)

Chromebook assistance

The library may be closed without notice if a teacher or staff member has reserved the space for classes or meetings. 

Happy Reading, Falcons!  I am here to help you with your school work needs, so please ask if you need help finding books or other materials.  

Mrs. Otten

Access Destiny (Library Catalog) 

 Search our Destiny library catalog by clicking 

You can also access Destiny via your Clever portal and open it there.

When the CUSD Destiny page opens, click on Aviara Oaks Middle School to see our library homepage.

To access your library account: 

Click on the Login button (at the top right) on the AOMS Destiny homepage.  

Enter your 5 digit permanent student ID number as both your username and password.

Once logged in, you should see your name near the top left.  

The Destiny Discover interface is preferred for eBook access.  You need to login to open and checkout eBooks and other learning links in Destiny Discover.

Here are tutorials to help you with Destiny Discover:

resources for research

 The databases below are part of California's K-12 Online Content Project.  Access them here or via your Clever portal.  


Use these databases when you want information on any topic or for any project or homework requiring research.  If needed, the login information can be found by hovering over the little ? in a circle icon that is displayed under the widget link in the CUSD Library Resources section of your Clever portal. 

Many of these databases integrate with Google Classroom for ease of use also.  These databases are provided by the California State Library and the Department of Education since the 2018-19 school year. 

CA Young Reader medal (CYRM) 2022-2023

AOMS Library is offering the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) program is open to all students.  We are promoting the program via the English Language Arts classes.  Your English teacher may give you credit for completing the program too!  

This is a great annual program where only students are allowed to vote on the winning books.  No adults are allowed to vote, so YOU, students, determine the winning titles!  This gives you a voice in recommending great books for kids to read!  The CA Young Reader Medal is a prestigious award and great honor for the authors also!  

Students:  If you wish to participate, you need to read the three (3) books in one of the categories suitable for your grade level  (see below for the titles).   As you finish reading each of the three books,  you complete a quiz in the library. 

Students who successfully complete the reading and quizzes will vote for their favorite title at a special event in March.

Happy Reading! 

AOMS Library Volunteers

Please know that Library Volunteers are appreciated in the AOMS Library.  No library experience is necessary. You may work in the library once a week, every other week, or once a month, whatever suits your schedule.  Volunteers assist with book processing, book repairs, shelving, and special projects. Thank you in advance for your interest in your student's school library.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Mrs. Otten at

Donation to the Library

Campus Information Locker