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Student Resources

Aviara Oaks Middle School is committed to ensuring that all students enjoy the best possible experience - both in school and beyond.  Here you can find a variety of resources to utilize during your middle school journey. For additional resources, questions or concerns, please contact the AOMS Counseling office




Aviara Oaks Middle School integrates WEB into our school culture. What is WEB? WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs and is a sixth grade transition program, a leadership training program, and a school community-building program. 


There are several objectives of the WEB program:

  • To empower eighth graders as role models for sixth graders and students new to the district.
  • To increase academic success through support of peers.
  • To develop leadership skills in students.
  • To allow successful older students to pass on positive traditions to younger students.
  • To expose students to a variety of individuals at AOMS in positive situations.
  • To teach students that by working together they can be successful and enjoy one another.
  • To help create a supportive and positive atmosphere on campus.


We are looking forward to a very exciting and successful year with the implementation of the WEB program at AOMS. If you are a sixth grader at AOMS, seek out a WEB Leader to help you with school-related questions. It’s going to be a great experience for all!!


Additional resources to help you transition to middle school:


It's My Life--Tips for a smooth transition

Survival Tips for Middle School Transition


Academic Resources


* AOMS offers both Homework Club and Math Tutoring.  Homework Club is held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 2:10-3:10 in room 1603.  Math Tutoring is held Monday and Tuesday from 2:10-3:10 in room 1303.  No sign-up for either is necessary.

* A list of outside private tutors for a variety of subjects has been compiled for your convenience. We do not recommend or endorse any particular tutor on the list. Please contact the counseling office at (760) 331-6168 to obtain a copy of the tutor list.



Learning how to motivate yourself, being organized, and knowing how to learn and study based on your personality are all key elements to being successful in school. The links below are provided to help you succeed in your educational journey.


Study Guides and Strategies--A One-Stop Site for all Study Questions

Managing Stress

Time Management

Study Skills Handbook

Identify Your Learning Style

Learning as a Student Athlete or Student Performer

Developing Self-Discipline

Handling Academic Underachievement

Motivate Yourself



Many students have mastered the art of turning in homework and classwork but for them, doing well on tests is still a challenge. A poor test score can pull a student's grade down dramatically. Below are some resources for preparing for assessments.


Test Taking Strategies PowerPoint

Dealing with Test Anxiety

More on Test Anxiety

Test Taking Tips

Essay Test Strategies

Open Book Test Taking

How to Prepare for a Test

Overview of Test Preparation

Short Answer Tests

True/False Tests

Multiple Choice Tests

Studying for Math Tests


** Additional specific academic resources can be found by visiting individual academic subject pages under the "Academics" tab in the navigation bar.

North County Resource Guide

Being a teenager in San Diego is tough.  There are difficult choices to be made and pressures to deal with everyday.  Sometimes it will be up to you to make your own choices but there may be times when you need some outside help.  This resource guide was made with the intention to get you help when you need it.  

If you need help - ask!  Everyone has problems that are difficult to handle and nobody wants you to deal with them on your own.  There is a solution to every problem so keep asking until you get someone that cares.

North County Resource Guide


Services Offered

Peer Support Programs

Peer2Peer Text and Chat Support Services provides a non-crisis peer support live chat and text service for youth who are at-risk and or dealing with potential behavioral health issues including those who may struggle with alcohol or drugs.   We work with many youth that are searching for support groups, mental health services and/or supportive listening.


  • This service is free and confidential
  • This service is anonymous and stigma-free
  • Youth can text and chat with English-or-Spanish speaking Peer Specialists
  • We provide information, referrals, support, and lend a listening ear to those in need
  • Monday through Friday – 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Call (619) 377-7111