Friends of Aviara Maintaining Excellence in education

Our Focus

It is the intent of this Foundation to provide the financial support to our schools for long-term improvements in technology, academics, science, the arts, and school facilities impacting the largest number or kids versus just a few.  Doing so will fully prepare our students to become, ultimately, responsible, active, and contributing members of our community. 

Our Background

Friends of Aviara Maintaining Excellence in education (FAME) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2002 by parents and administrators concerned with the reduced funding available from ...more

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Registered 501(c)(3)

Tax ID: 04-3596774



PO Box 131675

Carlsbad, CA 92013

Phone: 760-845-2170

Fax: 760-602-9747



Funding Goals for 2012-2013

We need your help to ensure our student's academic success. Studies show that students who regularly use computers score higher in writing assignments, demonstrate better analytical skills, engage in more problem solving, and have lower absenteeism and dropout rates.

Our current funding goals are as follows:

  • My Access software enhances writing skills for all AOMS students: Ensures grade level writing , replaces peer editing and tracks your student's progress throughout middle school. Plan to roll out to all subjects this year. - $20,000
  • Provide Technology Training and Support for Teachers: Maximize teacher’s capabilities and develop new and engaging daily lessons using Promethean Boards and other technologies in all classrooms. - $18,500
  • Personalized Learning Software: Instructional program that identifies students' gaps in math, develops a plan to overcome the gaps and tracks their progress. Has been shown to improve math competency at all levels. - $6,500
  • Purchase Mobile Computer Lab: Currently, 40+ classrooms share 3 mobile computer labs and 1 classroom computer lab. The goal is to have computers for every classroom. - $30,000
  • FAME Endowment Fund Gives Back: Using endowment gains, we purchased $6,500 in upgrades to Promethean boards last year, which aligns with our goal to ensure technology investments are maintained and upgraded for future generations.

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Our Successes

In addition to planning for future student populations, FAME has already contributed over $450,000 directly benefiting current students such as:

  • A Mobile iPad LabTechnology
  • Training of Promethean Boards
  • Daily broadcasting telecasts
  • 3 state of the art Computer Labs
  • Computer on Wheels mobile computer lab (COW’s)
  • Classroom student and teacher computers
  • Smart and Promethean Boards-interactive instructional systems
  • Active Expressions-interactive student/classroom system
  • Projectors and Flex Cameras
  • Playground infrastructure and Equipment
  • Email Blasts & School Websites

We look to our parent and corporate community to continue to support our efforts to provide the highest level of education for our two California Distinguished Schools, Aviara Oaks Elementary and Aviara Oaks Middle School.

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Our Board & Administration


President:             Lenette Howard

Vice President:    Julie Harelson

Treasurer:            Theresa Morris

Secretary:            Sally Araujo

Donor Relations:  Sally Wells

Grants Liaison:     Michelle Ginn

Legal Liaison:       Susan Hack

Marketing:            Laura Howard





AOE Principal:    Leslie Harden

AOM Principal:   Megan Coehlo